The Many Gifts From GIA Laitrees

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Gia Lai Specialties is a specialty of Vietnam. It is one of the best places in Vietnam to watch the sunsets and sun shines. You can see tons of scenic and historical landmarks. Just about every landmark in Vietnam can be found here. In addition, Gia Lai also offers some of the finest cuisine in Vietnam.

Gia Lai, pronounced “gaai”, is the third largest province in Vietnam and also one of the hottest regions in the Central Highlands. Not only that, Gia Lai also has a very unique tourist destination. Gia Lai cuisine has several popular festivals like the New Year Festival, Songkran Festival, and Lai Chauk festival. There is also a special four-day festival in November called the Lai Nghia festival. All in all, Gia Lai offers a lot to do and see, not to mention the beautiful beaches and scenic backwaters.

Gia Lai Specialties is a specialty of Vietnam cuisine. The combination of spicy, sour, and sweet make it a very tasty cuisine. Vietnamese people love their lai so much that they often purchase it in bulk to give as gifts. Gia Lai Specialties is a mixture of meats such as beef, chicken, pork, seafood, tofu, vegetables, and fruits. The most popular specialties include Pho (PHO), which are a stir-fried meat pie with bean sprouts; Tuo To (TIE), which is a soup with duck egg; and Khuong (KHUO) which are a stir-fried fruit salad with grilled fish.

Gia Lai Specialties is not just delicious foods. They also have medicinal benefits. In traditional times, the women used to boil milk and honey for a paste made from the mooncakes. Later, the paste was mixed with ground radishes, mocha, sesame seeds, rice paper, chicken broth, chicken bones, fish eggs, and grated ginger. This paste was then applied to the forehead, temples, or other facial locations to increase happiness and prevent bad fortune.

Nowadays, there are many products made with these paste. Some are even considered as “cures” for infertility, cancer, diabetes, hair loss, heart problems, and other illnesses. These remedies are used either externally or internally. An externally applied paste is rubbed on the face or forehead to increase happiness, prevent bad luck, and promote longevity. An internally applied paste is taken by mixing water with herbs such as tongkat Ali, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Manjishtha, or Kalmegh (boiled milk and cooked tea), and is believed to improve memory, focus, energy, relieve headaches, treat flu and cold, cure stomach disorders, treat diarrhea, reduce weight, improve fertility and sexual health, and nourish skin cells.

The GIA Lai specialties also includes several recipes that use the GIA Lai brand. These include “Coconut milk, sweetened with palm oil”, “Sour milk and lemon juice”, “Lime milk and ginger juice”, and many more. They can be purchased at GIA Laitrees’ website. In addition, many websites offer the same products along with several recipes for a variety of cuisines. These specialties come in different packages and are priced very reasonably.

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